Capstone Green Energy expands microturbine rental business

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Capstone Green Energy signed a contract for a 2MW long-term rental as it expands its microturbine rental business

Capstone Green Energy has signed a contract for a 2 MW long-term rental contract as it continues to expand its microturbine rental business as part of its growing Energy as a Service (EaaS) business model. This contract was secured by Capstone's local distribution partner, Cal Microturbine.

The multi-year rental contract provides two C1000 Signature Series microturbines scheduled to be installed by the end of the current fiscal year. They will be used in an industrial combined heat and power (CHP), energy efficiency application configured with ten of Capstone's Integrated Heat Recovery Modules (iHRM) to produce thermal energy. The customer will use the hot water generated from the units in its manufacturing process, thereby improving their overall energy efficiency, saving money, and reducing the site's carbon footprint.