Capstone Service Contract for Microturbines

Published on: 

Capstone Green Energy signed a 10-year service contract for two Capstone C1000S systems installed in Mexico

Capstone Green Energy (formerly Capstone Turbine) announced that Capstone distributor for Mexico DTC Ecoenergía signed a 10-year Factory Protection Plan (FPP) service contract for two Capstone Signature Series C1000S systems installed in Mexico.

Commissioned in July 2019, the two Capstone Signature Series C1000S systems are owned and operated by a large food industry company in Jalisco, Mexico. The systems operate 24x7 in parallel with the grid and provide 47% of the plant's electricity demand while lowering their electricity bill by approximately 33%. The exhaust heat from the two C1000S systems is fed through absorption chillers producing 695 refrigeration tons of cooling for the factory. Installing and operating these Capstone C1000S systems has also allowed the factory to reduce their CO2 and NOx emissions by 82% and 97%, respectively.


The Capstone parts-only FPP will provide the customer with fixed scheduled and unscheduled parts costs for the next 10 years, providing protection from future cost increases associated with replacement spare parts, commodity prices and import tariffs.