Combatting Cyber-Risk in Infrastructure

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In light of the Colonial Pipeline attack, what needs to be done to combat ransomware?

While the energy transition has introduced new levels of cyber risk — exposing flaws in existing vulnerability management and security response strategies — most companies continue to invest in business models and technologies that rely on the integration of physical and digital assets.


Leveraging Siemens Energy’s Eos.ii software, energy companies can turn cyber threat intelligence targeting operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) networks — connected to physical energy assets — into an actionable response through the ServiceNow OT Management product. This enables plant operators to act with Precision Defense, a response method to deploy appropriate, targeted and proportionate measures to correct and recover from cyber incidents.

Responding to cyber threats with Precision Defense allows energy plant operators to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs while responding to incidents with little to no downtime for critical systems.

Siemens Energy’s MDR system provides a unified picture of anomalous behavior for defenders with insights to stop attacks. The service goes beyond conventional monitoring by achieving understanding of how digital systems relate to the real world. With its unified OT and IT data stream, MDR’s Eos.ii technology platform uses AI and digital twin technology to compare billions of real-time data points against a correctly functioning asset. This provides context for analysts to determine not only which events are abnormal, but which are consequential.

"The ability to quickly turn data into action is critical to being able to proactively, reactively and remotely mitigate cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure. Yet, this is one of the biggest challenges for industrial innovation,” said Marshall Tyler, vice president of Industry Solutions at ServiceNow.