Elliott Group appoints new Chief Operating Officer

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Elliott Group recently announced that Michael Lordi has been appointed Chief Operating Officer, succeeding Art Titus, who is retiring after nine years with Elliott.

Yasuyuki Uruma, CEO of Elliott Group said, "During his tenure as Chief Operating Officer, Art Titus has overseen the closer integration of our global operations and provided key leadership in our internal processes. Michael Lordi is uniquely qualified to succeed Art. He brings 30 years of global leadership and operational expertise to his new role of Chief Operating Officer, along with the energy and passion to drive continued growth."

Lordi joined Elliott in 1987 as Sales and Marketing Manager for Elliott's tube tool business in Dayton, Ohio. Since then he has held responsible roles covering Elliott's business, most recently as Vice President of Industrial Products (2008-2011) and Vice President of Global Service (2011-2016).

Lordi said, "In taking the helm as Chief Operating Officer, I am committed to meeting the challenges that come with a market in downturn. Elliott is a formidable competitor, and we are here for the long run. We will continue to invest in our people and operations, and to sharpen the focus on strategy and execution. I couldn't be more honored to lead Elliott Group operations."

Elliott also announced the appointment of Toshihiko Miyashita as Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Miyashita is currently Sr. Vice President of Engineered Products and Deputy Chief Operating Officer. He is a 42-year veteran of Elliott Group and Elliott's parent company, Ebara Corporation. Miyashita's association with Elliott's engineered products, including applications, operations, and executive leadership, has spanned his career. "I will rely on that experience to guide innovation, strengthen market share, and drive continued growth," said Miyashita.


Ronald Frye will succeed Lordi as Vice President of Global Service. In his 36 years with Elliott, Frye has worked in all facets of the business, most recently as Vice President of Industrial Products. In his new role, he will be responsible for expanding Elliott's Global Service operations. "Our Global Service organization has enjoyed a period of strong, sustained growth," said Frye. "My focus will be on continued growth and increased profitability through process and efficiency improvements."

Scott Wilshire will follow Frye as Vice President of Industrial Products. Wilshire joined Elliott in 2012 as the Strategic Initiatives Manager for Power Generation, and was promoted in 2013 to Manager of Elliott's Power Generation group. He brings 30 years of industry experience to his new position which includes Elliott's YR steam turbine line, its Power Generation group and its Packaging Solutions operation. "Our Industrial Products business includes Elliott's most mature product line, which has grown even stronger under my predecessors' leadership," said Wilshire. "I will build upon that legacy by advancing further improvements in performance, cost, and delivery."

"I look forward to working closely with Toshi, Mike, Ron, and Scott as they begin their new roles," said Uruma.  "And I would like to thank Art for his leadership and his many contributions throughout his years at Elliott Group."