EthosEnergy and Politecnico di Torino partner to develop hydrogen turbine conversion technology

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EthosEnergy and Politecnico di Torino partnership to develop technology to convert 40 MW size gas turbines to run on a hydrogen blend of more than 40%.

The joint project between EthodEnergy and Politecnico will be in three phases. The first is the development and validation of a predictive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model for NG-H2 blend combustion. The second is the simulation of the combustion process for NG-H2 blends. The third is the detection of design roadblocks and modification proposals for multi-frame burner designs.

Fabrizio Fabbri, Executive Vice President Eastern Hemisphere at EthosEnergy said, “As the energy industry spotlight increasingly focuses on hydrogen, it is more crucial than ever that we forge strong partnerships to collaborate on technology that will allow us to meet ambitious targets. EthosEnergy is committed to making energy sustainable, affordable, and available for everyone, everywhere.

“Our developments in hydrogen technology alongside the next generation of engineers marks our first tangible steps in our hydrogen future.”


Prof. Stefano Corgnati, Vice-Rector of Politecnico for research, said, “The partnership with EthosEnergy allows us to contribute to the energy transition building a greener environment by using the well-established experience of Politecnico di Torino in the design of innovative components using state-of-the-art techniques.