FS-Curtis releases a new air/water cooled centrifugal compressor

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FS-Curtis debuted its ECO-Turbo centrifugal compressor.

FS-Curtis – part of the Fusheng Industrial family of companies – recently launched its ECO-Turbo centrifugal air compressor. The Oil-Free, Class 0 compressor uses an FS-Elliott engineered airend and is suitable for use in industries and applications where 100% oil-free compressed air is required with higher demand, ranging from 185 kW to 250 kW drive power at a final compression pressure of up to 125 psi. The design has been optimized with a wear-free compression principle which results in lower maintenance and fewer downtimes. The ECO-Turbo’s design fully encapsulates the compressor’s air, lubrication, cooling, and control systems. In addition, the compressor’s small footprint saves space and allows for easy installation.