Improving Cryogenic Output

Published on: 

BCCK Holding has been awarded an EPC contract to improve overall project economics at a cryogenic gas facility in the Marcellus-Utica Basin, in southeastern Ohio, U.S.Drawing upon its experience with cryogenic gas processing and natural gas liquids (NGL) extraction, BCCK developed a modification that will improve on the existing cryogenic plant design and equipment, increasing propane recovery and associated revenue in the process. The project will utilize a skidded BCCK design, which will be available to enhance propane recoveries at many of the existing 200 MMSCFD gas subcooled process (GSP) facilities operating throughout the U.S.

Brian Petko, senior vice president of engineering, BCCK, said, “BCCK is further expanding our portfolio in natural gas cryogenic processing with the addition of this patent-pending technology that enhances recoveries at existing GSP cryogenic facilities.”