Midcoast Energy partners with Siemens

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Midcoast Energy achieves commercial operation of expanded CJ Express Pipeline and signs long-term service program with Siemens Energy

Midcoast Energy selected Siemens Energy to supply two SGT-400 mechanically driven RFBB20 compression packages for the station. This is the first application of the SGT-400 15MW (20,000 horsepower) turbine variant in mechanical drive service in North America and will comply with applicable North American emissions regulations. The packages are expected to increase the CJ Express pipeline’s transmission capacity from the East Texas supply areas to Gulf Coast demand centers to approximately 1 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d). Siemens Energy signed an 8-year longterm program (LTP) with Midcoast Energy. The agreement will cover preventative maintenance for the gas turbine units and the pipeline compressors.