New York green hydrogen demonstration project

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The New York Power Authority is set to test hydrogen at its Brentwood power plant

The state of New York is collaborating with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, making funding available for long-duration energy storage technologies and demonstration projects and green hydrogen. Additionally, the New York Power Authority (NYPA), collaborating with industry partners, will undertake a green hydrogen demonstration project at NYPA's natural gas plant on Long Island.

The NYPA-led demonstration project will investigate the potential of substituting renewable hydrogen for a portion of the natural gas used to generate power at NYPA's Brentwood Power Station on Long Island. The project team will evaluate different concentrations of hydrogen blended with natural gas at regular intervals, assessing the blend's effect on system performance as well as greenhouse gas and NOx emissions. The project will begin in fall 2021 and is expected to last six to eight weeks. The plant, which consists of a GE LM6000 combustion turbine currently fueled by natural gas, was commissioned in the summer of 2001 to increase local power generation capacity for Long Island and New York City in anticipation of potential summer power shortages.


NYPA will collaborate with EPRI, GE, Sargent & Lundy, Airgas, and Fresh Meadow Power. EPRI will assist with the project design and technical evaluation. GE will supply a hydrogen/natural gas blending system and support the project's planning and execution. Sargent & Lundy, acting as the engineer of record for the project, will provide overall engineering and safety reviews. Airgas is the supplier of renewable hydrogen. Fresh Meadow Power will provide piping system design, material procurement and installation services for the project.