Rexnord expands Thomas coupling line with composite long span coupling

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The XTSRLS-C offers a lower weight solution for spanning long distances between shafts.

The new Thomas XTSRLS-C from Rexnord features a lightweight composite spacer for connecting rotating equipment with relatively long distances between shafts. The composite spacer is an alternative to heavier steel spacers. this new spacer enables easier installation and maintenance and higher maximum speeds in horizontal and vertical applications.

The composite material used for the spacer improves performance and the strength-to-weight ratio. The composite attaches to the coupling using an adhesive joint design that uses aerospace-quality epoxy, yielding low stresses. The Thomas XTSRLS-C is suitable for vertical pump, fan, blower, centrifugal compressor, and paper machine applications. It is available in 10 standard sizes, can span up to 7,239 mm, and is capable of reaching a torque capacity of up to 47,000 Nm.