Siemens Energy Delivers Turbomachinery to Supply 4 GW to Saudia Arabia Power Plants, Signs 25-Year Maintenance Contract

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The two plants, Taiba 2 and Qassim 2, will be built in the western and central regions of Saudi Arabia and will initially operate in simple-cycle mode before switching to combined-cycle operation.

In line with Saudi Arabia’s goal to reach net zero by 2060, Siemens Energy is supplying HL-class gas turbines, steam turbines, and generators for the Taiba 2 and Qassim 2 combined-cycle power plants. The equipment will generate approximately 2,000 MW of electricity at each site.

“Saudi Arabia is driving forward its vision 2030 to transform the Kingdom into a pioneering economic location,” said Karim Amin, Business Area of Gas Services and Member of the Managing Board of Siemens Energy. “The new gas-fired power plants will provide a reliable energy supply and contribute to the sustainable and future-oriented development of the country. Our Siemens Energy local service hub in Dammam will make an important contribution in expanding and localizing technology and competencies in the Kingdom.”


Siemens Energy also entered a 25-year maintenance contract for the plants, valued at $1.5 billion. Chine Energy International Group is the engineering, procurement, and construction and contracting partner for Siemens Energy.

The new plants will produce additional energy for Saudi Arabia’s growing population and economy, as well as replace the country’s aging power plant fleet that currently relies on oil. They will also eliminate 60% of CO2 compared to oil-fueled power plants. These plants are compatible with Saudi Arabia’s energy strategy to build CO2 capture and storage facilities in the medium term, establishing a carbon-neutral energy supply. In 2026, Taiba 2 and Qassim 2 will be connected to the grid in simple-cycle mode, then switching to permanent combined-cycle operation by 2027.

At the end of 2023, Oklo named Siemens Energy as its preferred supplier of rotating equipment for the Aurora powerhouse conversion system. In addition to supplying rotating equipment—steam turbines—for the fission plant, Siemens Energy will provide consulting to support Oklo in the design of a power conversion system. As a result of the agreement, equipment for Oklo’s Aurora powerhouse is expected to be cost-efficient and sourced from readily available components, allowing the company to deploy its fission power plants at scale.

The partnership with Siemens Energy grants Oklo access to an established supply chain for essential components critical to power generation. Integration of Siemens Energy’s rotating equipment will complement Oklo’s design philosophy for the Aurora plant, which is based on fast reactor technology with successful operational history.

In April 2023, Siemens Energy and Mass Global Energy Rom S.R.l. signed a contract for the supply of HL-class gas turbine technology for the Mintia combined-cycle power plant in Romania. The plant will have a maximum power generation efficiency of more than 64%. It will have an electrical capacity of 1.7 GW and will replace a retired coal-fired power plant.

The new plant will be fired with domestic natural gas. The Siemens Energy scope of supply includes two SGT5-9000HL gas turbines with associated generators, an SST5-5000 steam turbine with SGen-3000W generator, and the SPPA-T3000 control system. It will be located at the existing Mintia power plant site about 7 km from Deva in the Transylvania region.