Siemens to equip 902 MW combined cycle plant in South Korea

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Siemens will soon deliver the power island for Dangjin 4 combined cycle power plant in South Korea. The natural gas-fired 902 MW power plant is scheduled to come on line in the summer of 2017. The order volume for Siemens including a long-term service contract is $473 million.

(The fourth unit at Dangjin site will be equipped with Siemens technology)


Equipped with the latest Siemens H-class gas turbine, Dangjin 4 will attain an efficiency level above 60 percent and can supply electricity to more than 900,000 people. Following the CCPPs Dangjin units 1, 2 and 3 this is the fourth unit at Dangjin site (formerly known as Bugok) equipped with Siemens technology and the second one at the site to feature the latest H-class technology from Siemens. This site is located in Dangjin-City, Chungchong Nam-do Province, about 75 miles south of Seoul.

Multi-shaft configuration

Like for Dangjin 3, Siemens will deliver for Dangjin 4 the power island consisting of two gas turbines model SGT6-8000H, one SST6-5000 steam turbine with its condenser, three SGen6-2000H generators, two heat recovery steam generators, along with the overall electrical equipment and the SPPA-T3000 instrumentation and control system. The components will be arranged in a multi-shaft configuration. A long-term service and maintenance contract was also concluded for the gas turbines.

The customer, GS Engineering & Construction Corp. (GS E&C) will erect the overall plant for the end customer GS EPS. The end customer is the Seoul-based power utility GS Electric Power and Services Co., Ltd. (GS EPS).

South Korea is experiencing a rapid rise in demand for electrical energy, and is planning to expand its generation capacity from 95 GW to more than 150 GW by 2030.