Siemens to supply gas turbines for combined cycle plants in Thailand

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Siemens has won a contract from Japanese Toyo Engineering (TEC) subsidiary TEC Project Services (TPS) to supply 18 model SGT-800 gas turbines to nine combined cycle cogeneration plants, which have a combined generation capacity of 1,100MW.

The power plants are being built by TPS in five new industrial parks including Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate, Hemaraj Eastern Seaboard, Hi-Tech Industrial Estate, Hemaraj Rayong Industrial Land and Hemaraj Saraburi Industrial Land, for the Thai company Gulf.


Under the contract, Siemens will supply six turbines, each with a capacity of 53MW, as well as 12 turbines each having a generation capacity of 50.5MW. Scope of work under the contract also includes technical field assistance for installing the units, and provision for long-term service for the turbines.

Thailand is promoting distributed power production facilities through the Small Power Producer (SPP) program to ensure reliable power generation for industrial parks.