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Lubrication is the topic of our cover story in this edition. As this is such a vast subject, a short feature story could no more cover it than an hour tutorial at last month’s Turbo Symposium would arm a rookie with the tools to operate a combined cycle plant.

So rather than trying to cover everything, we zeroed in on how synthetic lubricants are doing in the market, where they are gaining ground in the turbomachinery sector and how the cost equation impacts buying decisions. Even then, we barely scratch the surface.

We also have an abundance of content covering a wide range of topics. This includes: a detailed (and historical) rundown of combined cycle efficiency goals, barriers and related turbomachinery; a show report detailing some of the best sessions at the Turbo Symposium; a look at isothermal compressors; rotordynamics during upgrades; and oil tank fouling.

In addition, the Q & A features a Mitsubishi executive. With the ink still damp from the Pratt & Whitney deal, this is a timely interview.

Our regular Products page is chock full of new turbines, compressors, seals and software of direct relevance to the field. Similarly, our News pages highlight a new plant opening, an overview of the Texas marketplace, GE’s LNG/CNG intentions, and a whole lot more. We are endeavoring to bring you more new stories that you won’t read elsewhere.


This is being made possible by our expanded network of contributing editors and editorial correspondents. Our newest addition is Mark Axford, who has 40 years of experience with rotating machinery including gas turbines, steam turbines, compressors, gear boxes, clutches and generators.

As the principal of Axford Turbine Consultants for the last 12 years, Axford refers to himself as “a turbine guy’’ but is known more as a power market expert. Mark will be helping us cover certain shows and events with a focus on the electricity market. You can read his first piece on the Texas market inside in our News section.

I also want to take the time to thank our regular columnists who deliver consistently good material to the magazine. Our Myth Busters Klaus Brun and Rainer Kurz shatter the idea that combustor development is easy. They dissect this myth to such a degree that it had to be broken into two installments. Part One is inside. Meanwhile, Amin Almasi covers an interesting aspect of seals in his Turbo Tips. We are lucky to have these guys writing for us in each issue.

As this is our last issue of the year (not counting our upcoming Turbomachinery Handbook 2014), we wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Holiday Season and a Prosperous New Year.