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Our cover story is about the future of power generation and how gas turbines will fit into the energy mix. Some startling facts have emerged.

Currently, coal in the U.S. receives 10 times more research funding

than gas. Yet coal is statistically in severe decline. In fact, U.S. natural

gas generation surpassed coal last year as the top source of delivered power.

Policy makers in Europe consider gas to be no more than a bridging technology for another decade by which time renewables, energy storage and other forms of energy are expected to carry the entire load. The European Union aims to phase out natural gas generation by 2030.

The U.S. has not set similar policy. But states such as California and New York are already taking potshots at gas. This takes the form of defunding upgrades to combined cycle plants and outlawing natural gas use in new homes.

Renewable advocates are painting gas with the same brush as coal. What is missing is a strong voice from the gas generation camp. A few gas advocates are speaking up. You can hear what they have to say in our cover story, in a feature about emissions and in our Q & A column.

This issue also contains two show reports: The annual Turbo Expo and the ATPS Industry Summit contained an abundance of material on operations, maintenance, new technologies, trends, digitalization, manufacturing techniques, LNG, CHP and much more. Read through our summary of some of the best sessions, keynotes and panel discussions from these events.


Our Myth Busters tackle the idea that it is okay to operate in surge. They take this view to task, lay out the facts and provide sound advice for compressor operators. Meanwhile, our Turbo Tips column discusses centrifugal fans and the various instability issues they may experience.

The Pump Supplement offers useful advice on pump operation, an overview of some of the various kinds of centrifugal pumps and where to run them to achieve maximum efficiency.

In upcoming issues and our annual Turbomachinery Handbook, you can

read a report on our visit to the Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)

Forum in Orlando, Florida, another show report from our visit to the Turbomachinery and Pump Symposium in Houston and get up to speed on the latest trends in the U.S. power generation sector as well as on worldwide and regional gas turbine sales.

We look forward to seeing many of you in September at the Turbomachinery

& Pump Symposium in Houston.