Sundyne targets hydrogen applications

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Sundyne announced it will be aggressively targeting hydrogen applications with its line of PPI diaphragm compressors

Sundyne announced it will be “aggressively targeting hydrogen applications” with its line of PPI diaphragm compressors. This comes in response to perceived market trends showing a shift towards hydrogen in the fuel, transportation, chemical, and construction industries.


In keeping with this goal, Sundyne has also joined the France Hydrogen Association – a group of companies and organizations representing all aspects of the hydrogen value chain.

Users require certain characteristics from compressors that handle hydrogen. PPI compressors provide: High compression ratio; product purity via triple diaphragm sets which ensure that the process gas is isolated from the hydraulic oil; every process-contacting part is made from corrosion resistant alloys; static seals ensure zero leakage of process gas; rugged crank cases and drive trains deliver maximum compression at low energy cost; meet API 618 standards, and meet requirements for explosion-proof environments.