TECO-Westinghouse launches U.S.-manufactured Heat Recovery System (HRS)

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TECO-Westinghouse partnered with LA Turbine and AG Equipment.

TECO-Westinghouse has teamed up with L.A. Turbine and A G Equipment to design and deploy a Heat Recovery System (HRS) for heavy industry. Designed for new and retrofit applications, this HRS includes green energy CO2 capture. Product research and testing began in 2020 at Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina.

Dean Sarandria, TECO-Westinghouse Director of Custom Products and Green Energy, points out, “This product is aligned with the TECO’s vision of energy conservation, emission reduction, intelligence and automation.” He adds, “We are excited to have designed a product that reduces greenhouse gases.”

Collaboration between the three companies combines specified areas of engineering to address new applications and retrofit markets. The HRS’ product effectiveness is supported by the applied Organic Rankine Cycle technique. Heat capture is utilized during heat expansion and contraction within the system. The turboexpander, developed by L.A. Turbine, drives TECO-Westinghouse’s high speed motor, supported by A G Equipment’s compressor package.


The HRS works alongside TECO-Westinghouse’s mid to large scale Battery Storage Systems, Electric Vehicle Charging, and Wind/Solar Energy integration. Their in-house U.S. and global manufacturing capabilities produce turnkey micro-grids for grid-tied and remote applications in desert, mountain, and coastal regions.