Thermamax establishes a new business unit for gas and steam turbine insulation

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By creating  a turbine insulation business unit in June 2018, Thermamax has expanded its activities in the field of gas and steam turbines to proactively drive the company’s growth – especially in the North American market.

Thermamax is expanding its product portfolio and offering a comprehensive package for gas turbines with an output of up to 560 MW and steam turbines of more than 1 GW. Thermamax plans to tap into the market potential with this project, especially in the United States.

To pursue this goal, the Turbine Insulation business unit was founded by Thermamax in Mannheim in early June 2018. The project management and product development are taking place at the headquarters in Germany under the management of Andreas Riedinger. The team from Thermamax, Inc., in the United States will support the project in terms of sales. The newly developed insulation systems will be produced in the United States and installed with local specialists. This will meet the local content requirements of the North American

customers. In addition to the custom-fit insulation solution, this new offer focuses on the service and accessibility of the local Thermamax team.


Due to their size, with high temperature conditions of up to 700°C, the strong vibrations and necessity of the shortest possible installation times, gas and steam turbines place high demands on the insulation.

Compared to conventional systems, the single-layer insulations from Thermamax is claimed to offer a much greater insulating performance and service life while reducing the maintenance efforts to a minimum. The service accompanying the product ranges from a site inspection with thermography to the installation of the individually designed insulation system and maintenance, as needed.

This is directed not only at turbine manufacturers but also power plant operators who need to have their aging insulation replaced.