Velo3D Releasing Flow 5.0

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Update to the print preparation software increases control in the 3D-Printing process

Velo3D has launched an updated version of its Flow print preparation software, called Flow 5.0, featuring enhanced capabilities for engineers. The update includes user-selectable core parameter sets, allowing for greater control over builds by assigning different parameters to any part on the build plate. This grants customers access to improved control over the final material properties of printed components.

Alexander Varlahanov, VP of Engineering at Velo3D, said, “By enabling selectable core parameters for customers, engineers can modify the material properties of their parts to better suit the need of the application, including more isotropic parts.”


The latest software release can also detect and pinpoint potential errors in the building process. Flow now incorporates object labeling, with the ability to update characters via the Label Updater tool once the print file is generated. Additionally, the release introduces a more efficient method for calculating build times for varying part quantities.