March/April 2021

Drones, Scarcity, Efficiency: Repair & Maintenance in 2021

May 12, 2021

Technologies are emerging to perform maintenance, repairs, retrofits, and overhauls while gauging asset health remotely. Drones are being deployed for inspections. Some parts can be scarce, so plant operators are increasingly seeking alternatives.

Energy transition to green uncertainty

May 04, 2021

Many attendees and speakers at the 39th Annual CERAweek wanted to know about the contemplated transition from fossil fuels to green energy. How fast will it happen? What has gone right so far? What could go wrong? Ask three energy experts, get three different answers. Ask three politicians, get nine different answers.

My test is accurate

April 09, 2021

Many of us have to verify compressor and driver performance in the field. We do a test, read the data, and convert it to flow, head, and some other parameters. Voila, we have done a valid test and we believe our data. Not so fast!

Who is to blame for the Texas grid outages?

February 24, 2021

The ERCOT grid in Texas works well with renewable energy. But increasing the volume of renewables further may not be practical. More generation of all types and greater attention to winter readiness is needed.