Lummus Technology Receives Contract for O3S Digital Services in India

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Lummus will provide its O3S digitalization services to enhance operations and plant performance for Haldia Petrochemical’s ethylene plant in West Bengal.

Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd. (HPL) awarded a contract to Lummus Technology to install its O3S digital services, as well as provide its training and knowledge transfer services, for HPL’s ethylene plant in West Bengal, India. This award represents the first O3S installation in India, building on a previously awarded contract for the license and basic engineering of the same unit.

O3S is part of Lummus Technology’s portfolio of training and digitalization services for licensees. Operational teams can run the plant in a safer, more productive manner through hands-on opportunities to simulate plant operation, which can lead to increased performance, higher efficiency, and reduced waste.

“For more than two decades, we have collaborated with HPL and provided them with best-in-class process technologies,” said Ujjal Mukherjee, Chief Technology Officer, Lummus Technology. “This latest award showcases our integrated offering where we provide technologies and other solutions throughout the life cycle of a plant. HPL will be able to leverage Lummus’ proprietary know-how, process expertise, and digital solutions to enhance the plant for peak performance and optimize OPEX.”


Late last year, Lummus Technology signed a strategic supply agreement to design, manufacture, and supply recuperative heat exchangers (HXR) for NET Power’s near-zero emissions power generation process. HXRs recover energy from the turboexpander exhaust and air separation unit to reheat recirculated CO2 during the power cycle.

"Lummus is proud to partner with NET Power, which has developed a way to efficiently and effectively produce electricity that is clean and economical," said Leon de Bruyn, President and CEO, Lummus Technology. "The NET Power cycle system combines seamlessly with our advanced heat exchanger technology to minimize energy consumption and carbon emissions. We look forward to working with NET Power to deliver low carbon power and help them expand their offering to consumers around the world."

Contracted as the licensed NET Power heat exchanger supplier, Lummus will provide HXR systems for the company’s utility-scale power plants. Upon completion of the front-end engineering design (FEED) for Project Permian, NET Power will issue a purchase order with Lummus for a utility-scale power plant in Texas. According to the agreement, Lummus will use its global supply chain network to boost the global HXR manufacturing capacity, allowing NET Power to deploy the technology at a large scale.

The company also announced the commencement of a renewable energy partnership with Biohydrogen Technologies to design and develop gas reactor technology that will be primarily used to produce blue hydrogen. A provider of process technologies and energy solutions, Lummus’s Green Circle business unit will spearhead the gas plant design, reactor design, and proprietary equipment supply.

This technology will allow for the large-scale production of blue hydrogen. Lummus’ energy solutions offer high thermal efficiency, low capital cost, a small footprint, and the ability to contain more than 99% CO2 at pressure.

"The combination of Biohydrogen Technologies Intellectual Property and Green Circle/Lummus Technology skills in design, engineering, and licensing will shortly allow bulk hydrogen production from natural gas with a thermal efficiency of 90% (LCV) and 99% CO2 capture to become a practical reality," said Geoff Weedon, CEO of Biohydrogen Technologies.