Turbomachinery International: July/August 2024

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Turbomachinery Magazine, July/August 2024, Volume 65, Issue 4

The July/August 2024 issue offers comprehensive coverage on industrial and aeroderivative gas turbines, steam, and hydro turbines.

Turbomachinery International’s July/August 2024 tackles turbines from sea and sky to offshore, land, and hydropower-based applications, including industrial and aeroderivative gas turbines, steam, and hydro turbines.

Along with our bi-monthly industry news, which includes a tribute to a gas turbine legend Ivan Rice, this issue kicks off with From Sea to Sky: Turbomachinery in Military and Commercial Applications, a look at gas turbines and compressors in the military, including aero and naval, and commercial and offshore applications as well as upkeep and repair considerations.

Our annual gas turbine sales report segments industrial and aeroderivative turbine sales and looks at the impact of disruptive factors, such as international conflicts, and AI data centers.


The summer issue also dives into hydro and steam turbines. In A History of Turbomachinery and Hydropower, readers get a fact-filled introduction to hydropower generation in the Ontario area and insights GE Vernova’s Head of Hydro Power Engineering on how hydropower plants use complex hydro turbines and other rotating machines to electrify regions worldwide. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries lays out several case studies on how implementing phased array ultrasonic testing in steam turbine inspection and maintenance is an evolution from traditional maintenance that can ensure efficiency and reliability.

In May, Joseph Bonafin, Sales and Business Development Manager at Turboden, came on the TurboTime Podcast to talk about turbomachinery at geothermal power plants. Our Q&A features part of our conversation with Turboden, a part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, and its insights into geothermal power generation, how these plants are designed, recent advancements, and how geothermal can help decarbonize the energy landscape.

Shell provides a step-by-step guide to prevent varnish formations in turbine lubrication systems, primarily focused on reducing the chance of varnish before it takes hold. And Regal Rexnord, our Vendor Spotlight, shares its portfolio of diaphragms, disc couplings, and more.

This issue’s Turbo Tips offers a series of guidelines and technical notes on steam turbine control systems throughout each phase: start-up, shutdown, and parallel operation while the Myth Busters dispel the mystery surrounding supercritical CO2.

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