Turbomachinery International: November/December 2023

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Turbomachinery Magazine, November/December 2023, Volume 64, Issue 7

The November/December 2023 issue features augmented and virtual reality coverage, reporting from TPS 2023, a Q&A on air compressors, and more.

Turbomachinery International’s November/December 2023 issue features a collection of the latest news and new products from the turbomachinery industry, a how-to guide on selecting lube oil for turbomachines, and a case study on the effects of undissolved air in lube oil. This issue’s cover story is a deep dive into the immersive worlds of augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) and how these 3D tools enhance safety, support, training, and much more. In addition to our show report from Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia 2023 (TPS) and an in-tandem Q&A with FS-Elliott—who speaks on its takeaways from the show and offers insights into centrifugal air compressors—the Myth Busters tackle part II of their column on Reciprocating vs Centrifugal Compressors for Carbon Capture and Sequestration.

Amin Almasi lays out considerations when selecting a lube oil, such as oxidative and thermal stability, viscosity, interactions with oil additives, etc., in his Turbo Tips column, Lube Oil Types & Selections for Turbomachines. The Myth Busters Klaus Brun and Rainer Kurz close out their two-part column on reciprocating versus centrifugal compressors in CO2 capture and storage applications. They discuss the challenges reciprocating presents, such as pulsation control, leakage, and mechanical reliability.


Our TPS 2023 coverage, originally published online, includes reporting on compressing and pumping hydrogen, troubleshooting aero-performance issues, and turbomachinery in LNG production plants, including compressing LNG, cryogenic pumps and expanders, turbine and motor components, and materials. Running in tandem with our show report is a Q&A with FS-Elliott. Dominic Sarachine, Product Manager at FS-Elliott, discusses the company’s takeaways from TPS 2023 and offers insights into air compressors and centrifugal compressor control systems.

Siemens Energy presents a case study on the impact of undissolved air on the heat transfer properties of lube oil: Lube oil’s ability to cool affects the efficacy and reliability of turbocompressors, and undissolved air can have a significant effect on its heat transfer behavior.

And finally, our cover story, The Immersive Worlds of AR & VR in the Turbomachinery Industry, shows how the industry is using these 3D technologies in everyday processes and beyond to increase safety, enable remote support, enhance operator training, support the design process, and so much more.

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