New Products: Fall 2023

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Turbomachinery Magazine, November/December 2023, Volume 64, Issue 7

The latest turbomachinery industry innovations.

Camfil: Pulse Filter Technology, TurboPulse

Camfil Power Systems introduced TurboPulse filters, featuring a square inner cage design and aerodynamic TubroVanes that redirect pulse energy and optimize airflow distribution. TurboPulse can fit into filter houses designed for conical cylindrical filters and offers 25% greater dust retention, a 20% lower initial pressure drop, and a 30% pressure drop recovery after each pulse. It is corrosion-proof and 100% incinerable; the inner cage is made of plastic with a high compressive strength. The design has been pulse-endurance tested for over 250,000 pulses. The filters are also designed to save maintenance hours by more than 25% by reducing installation time.

Concepts NREC: Updates Engineering Design System

Concepts NREC updated its Agile Engineering Design System to v2023.2. Engineers can explore cycles for potential carbon emissions reduction in all applications, including the use of hydrogen in combustion and fuel cell applications. The MAX-PAC CAM software works in tandem with its current version of AxCent to optimize moving from design to production. Additionally, MAX-PAC includes new hole-drilling capabilities.


Riverhawk: API-Compliant Clamp

Riverhawk updated its hydraulic clamp hub to comply with API STD 671, so it is an alternative design to traditional shaft-end connections. The hydraulic clamp hub uses a clamping force on the hub and has been used as a replacement hub on shafts for similar applications, including generators, pumps, and refrigeration systems.

FS-Elliott: P400HPR Centrifugal Air Compressor

FS-Elliott introduced the P400HPR centrifugal air compressor, featuring more aero stages to support higher discharge pressures up to 250 psig. The P400HPR has three stages of compression and is suitable for heat of compression applications. The compressor's aero design reduces the amount of energy used.