Ansaldo Energia Supplies AE94.3A, Generator for Irish Energy Project

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The power generation equipment will be installed at a simple-cycle power plant to boost the operational stability of Ireland’s power system.

A consortium of Ansaldo Energia and Cobra entered a contract for a new 299 MW energy security project in Dublin, Ireland. The Electricity Supply Board (ESB) will receive an AE94.3A gas turbine and associated generator. ESB selected the AE94.3A for reliability, cost-efficiency, high performance, and suitability for peak load applications.

“We are proud in the trust that ESB has once again placed in our products,” says Stefano Gianatti, EVP of New Units, Ansaldo Energia. “We consider this achievement as a reward for our technological and manufacturing capabilities and testament to Ansaldo Energia’s record as a partner for energy security and transition.”

The consortium and ESB will develop a simple-cycle power plant to strengthen the flexibility and stability of Ireland’s power system, which is thoroughly integrated with intermittent renewable energy sources. Ansaldo’s AE94.3A will leverage its rapid-response capability to manage fluctuating energy needs.


In April 2024, Ansaldo Energia completed the first parallel operation of a GT36 gas turbine in an 800 MW combined-cycle unit at EP Produzione’s Tavazzano and Montanaso power plant in Italy. The parallel synchronized the gas turbine with Italy’s electricity grid, furthering the commissioning process for the unit that can provide the annual power consumption for over 1.5 million households. A few days prior to the first parallel, Ansaldo Energia completed the first firing of the gas turbine.

The company oversaw the Tavazzano and Montanaso project as the engineering, procurement, and construction contractor. This included taking care of the full construction for the unit from the foundation to eventual commissioning. The unit is comprised of a GT36 H-class gas turbine coupled to a steam turbine and two generators, with all complex components manufactured at Ansaldo Energia’s factories.

The GT36 gas turbine can respond to network load requirements to ensure high performance and reduce emissions. It is also ready for hydrogen combustion up to a mixture of 70%. EP Produzione’s new unit will help to secure the national electricity system and compensate for renewable energy intermittency.

Near the end of February 2024, Ansaldo signed a supply contract for a Kazakhstan-based power plant project—the “Reconstruction of Almaty CHPP-3”. In cooperation with Kazakh power company KBI Energy Group, Ansaldo Energia will deliver two AE94.2 gas turbines, two generators, and associated auxiliary equipment. The supply contract follows the Reservation Agreement signed toward the end of 2023, which provided customer pre-emption of the production lines to guarantee efficient delivery times.

Construction and completion of the Almaty CHPP-3 power plant will allow customers to produce electricity in a sustainable, low-cost manner. Ansaldo Energia’s AE94.2 gas turbines are designed for the use of hydrogen up to 40% mixed with natural gas.

The contract helps to consolidate and grow industrial and institutional relations between Italy and Kazakhstan. In addition to the project-specific Reservation Agreement, Ansaldo Energia and Samruk Energy signed a cooperation agreement to promote future combined-cycle power plant projects in Kazakhstan and accelerate the exchange of technological skills and training. The Almaty CHPP-3 facility is a modern combined-cycle power plant that runs on natural gas.